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  • What Does Energy Healing Do?

    • Our process of energy healing is based upon the Kundalini Yoga Healing Method, which has been practiced worldwide for centuries. It has helped people with their Physical, Emotional and Spiritual difficulties. It can reduce pain, stress, fatigue, depression, and improve overall health.


    • We will work on your body stresses and tension, fatigue, joint pain (neck, back, shoulder, hips, knee, ankle, etc.), Organ Health (heart, lungs, kidney, brain, etc.), Digestive System, Nervous System Problems, Reproductive Issues, and Autoimmune Conditions. You will feel a sense of having higher energy and your overall physical healing ability will improve through immune system support.


    • We will work on emotional issues such as mental stress, depression, anxiety, loneliness, feelings of separation, negative thoughts, low self-esteem, poor self-confidence, relationship abuses and pain. Clients have expressed that they have more peace, joy and love in their life and a higher sense of spirituality, increasing their ability to manage life difficulties.


    • Energy healing will improve blockages and imbalances in your chakras (main energy centers).

  • What is Kundalini Numerology?

    Numerology is an ancient science that has recently been reintroduced in its original form. It was most recently taught by Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga. Numerology is not an answer to any and every question you may have, nor will it tell your "fortune."

    What numerology can be is a powerful and useful tool for understanding your strengths and weaknesses, your positive and negative traits - and for improving the negative ones and enhancing the positive ones.

  • What Our Clients Say About Healing...


    "I wasn't able to let go of my past relationship and the pain that wouldn't let up. Thank you very much for healing because I did not know how to do it on my own. Nothing could help me."



    Svetlana S • Riga • 6 Healing Sessions

    What Our Clients Say About Healing...


    "You were constantly pinpointing the problems the way they are... I wouldn't spend a day without having a nap. Since the first time, I don't need day naps...I feel shiny..."


    Tatiana N • Los Angeles • 6 Healing Sessions


    What Our Clients Say About Healing...

    "I have more motivation and more confidence... I am looking forward to what happens next in my life."


    Anna J • Toronto • 6 Healing Sessions



    What Our Clients Say About Healing...

    "My main issue was a pain in my stomach...and right now I am much better...for 9 sessions we made great progress!... You have enormously powerful energy..."


    Eva A • Baku •9 Healing Sessions

    What Our Clients Say About Healing...

    " I trust you very much…and I consider you a decent person. Sincere healer, you have pure energy, and this is most important. And It seems to me, that even though you are a gentle person, you have quite a strong energy..."



    Olga G • Riga • 6 Healing Sessions

    What Our Clients Say About Healing...

    "It's absolutely helped and helping. Indigestion issue that we have been working on and that's getting better and better...I know you are a very gifted and talented channel..."


    Irina B • Toronto • 13 Healing Sessions

    What Our Clients Say About Healing...

    "I felt immediate improving...During the sessions, I felt something physical or little warmth in the chest area. Emotionally I felt much better"


    Elena M • Miami • 6 Healing Sessions

    What Our Clients Say About Healing...

    "I didn't feel very balanced ...Now I feel a lot more grounded ...I feel a lot of calmness... Working with you has been really easy."


    Kino H • New York • 6 Healing Sessions

    What Our Clients Say About Healing...

    "You are sharing the energy I am asked for and what I am trying to add into my life"


    Kate L• Washington, DC •7 Sessions

  • What Are The Steps to Healthier & Happier Life?

    Enjoy a Highly Transformative Distance Healing Experience, from the Comfort of Your Home.


    Reach Out To Us

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    Your Healing Session

    Schedule a time that's convenient for you to get maximum benefit out of your healing session.


    Be in the Moment

    Find some quiet time, in a comfortable and isolated location at home and let us do the rest.


    Feel the Groove

    We'll do an analysis to determine if you will benefit from more energy healing.


    Feeling Good

    Your problem or issue is impved and you can let go and enjoy life.


    Continue the Improvement

    Gain some skills and techniques to continue on the healing path.

  • Healing & Numerology Plans

    Find Your Path to a Better Life

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    One Distance Healing Session

    A Great Start

    • Pre-Treatment Consultation
    • One Healing Session 
    • Post-Treatment Consultation 
    • Written Personalized Evaluation
    • One Personalised Self-Meditation Technique

    Feel Better Right Away

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    Three Distance Healing Sessions

    A Prefered Starting Option

    • Pre-Treatment Consultation
    • Three Healing Sessions
    • Post-Treatment Consultation
    • Written Personalized Evaluation
    • Action Plan to Continue Healing
    • Two Personalized Self-Meditation Techniques





    A Deeper Healing Experience


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    Seven Distance Healing Sessions

    The Most Effective Option

    • Pre-Treatment Consultation
    • Seven Healing Sessions
    • Post-Treatment Consultation
    • Written Evaluation
    • Direct Access to Healer
    • Action Plan to Continue Healing
    • Future Follow-Up Session
    • Surprise Healing Gift
    • Three Personalized Self-Meditation Techniques

    When You Want to Reach a Higher Level

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    Numerology Session

    A 60 Minute Look Into Yourself

    One-on-One Session w/Maria

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